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Bishop Charles T. Cephas Sr.

Bishop Charles Thomas Cephas was born in Cambridge, Maryland on May 31, 1950 to Robert & Margaret Cephas. He graduated from Cambridge Senior High School in 1969 where he was an all-star in track, football and basketball. Bishop Cephas has always been an eager learner and has accomplished much in the span of his life. In his early years, he served as a police officer, was a certified OR technician, a licensed pilot, real estate appraiser and title agent. Later in life he was a state contractor, truck driver and a housing counselor. Currently he serves as the town councilman for District 4 in Hurlock, MD and has held that position for 21 years. Bishop Cephas is married to Sis. Doretha Cephas and they reside in Hurlock, Maryland. He is the loving father of 15 children and over 30 grandchildren.

Bishop Cephas began his call to ministry at the early age of 8 years old. He and his mother would walk from door to door praying for the sick. He studied the word of God alongside her and enjoyed having bible study with her after school. Even as a young child, he showed no reservation when his mom would request that he abstain from food and drink all day while in school for his spiritual development. He always showed interest in building the kingdom of God.

In 1974, he became a Deacon at New Jerusalem Church of God in Cambridge, Maryland where Bishop Clarence Cornish presided. In 1976 he was ordained as an Elder by Bishop Harvest and subsequently formed the Full Gospel Church of God at Deacon and Sis Fletcher’s home in Hurlock, MD. The church was founded on the Apostolic doctrine according to Acts 2:38. Later that same year, he opened the doors to his first church building located at 206 N. 3rd Street in Denton, MD; the church that sits on a hill. In 1978, Bishop attended the Philadelphia Bible College and the Christian Institutional home study program. Later, he joined the Evangelistic Churches of God under the leadership of Bishop Lymus Johnson. During that time, he was put on trial as a junior Bishop and after being proven, he was officially ordained. During that time, he enjoyed his position as overseer of the Mid Atlantic Churches of God and he served as the general secretary for said region. In 2000, he opened a second church in Hurlock, MD. The Denton location is currently being used by another ministry with the same message.

Bishop Cephas is a passionate pastor who loves all people, no matter their background. He is dedicated to improving the lives of people inside and outside of the community. He works hard to help people from all walks of life and he doesn’t discriminate because of a person’s beliefs or church affiliation. Bishop has been an example of how we should treat our enemies because he loves and cares for them too. He is a man who serves diligently and doesn’t mind being called on day or night to help those in need. He is willing to give his last if there is a need.

The members of Full Gospel Church of God count Bishop Cephas as a blessing. He continually encourages and challenges us to be the best we can be. He has shared our joys and sorrows, has prayed for our success and wellness and has labored when we have fallen short. We realize that he works with around-the-clock pressure as our spiritual overseer here on earth and we know we are blessed to have a caring counselor and on-call supporter. We are grateful that God called him to be our pastor and friend.

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